Peer reviewed:

Lagodny, Julius, Julianna Koch, Rebekah Jones & Peter K. Enns, “State Policy Mood: Updated measuresof over time dynamics.”(accepted; forthcoming in State Politics and Policy Quarterly)

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Curated Data sets:

Replication data for forecast of US Presidential Elections 2020 (with Peter Enns): Forecasting the 2020
Electoral College Winner: The State Presidential Approval/State Economy Model

Migrazensus Germany 2021 (with Arndt Leininger): Number and share of eligible citizens with a migration
background per electoral district for Germany’s 2021 national election

The Washington Post – Monkey Cage:

Marc Debus, Thorsten Faas, Julius Lagodny Angela Merkel’s bloc lost ground in Sunday’s election. So who
, 9/30/21.

Peter K. Enns, & Julius Lagodny: We predicted States Biden would win 100 days before Election, 11/12/2020

Thomas Davidson & Julius Lagodny: Germany’s far-right party AfD won the Facebook battle. By a lot. 09/26/17

Peter K. Enns, Jonathon P. Schuldt, Julius Lagodny, & Alexander Rauter: Why the polls missed in 2016: Was it shy Trump supporters after all? 12/13/2016

Other Media engagement:

Press Conference with Türkische Gemeinde Deutschland and Citizens for Europe for policy paper on the voting potential of immigrant-origin citizens (in German)

Germany’s diversity shows as immigrants run for parliament, Interview cited in Associated Press by Kirsten Grieshaber 9/22/2021.Also published (among others) in: The Washington Post, ABC News, New India Express (India), or the Mainichi (Japan)

Quoted in Infobae on why the polls did not predict such a close race, 11/08/2020

Interview with on the Presidential Elections 2020, 10/29/2020

Other Publications:

Gyamerah, Daniel; Lagodny, Julius; Leininger, Arndt und Yıldırım-Caliman, Deniz (2021): Advocating for Inclusion Policy Brief 2 — September 2021, Wähler*innen mit Migrationshintergrund als wahlentscheidender Faktor: Ihr potentieller Einfluss auf die Bundestagswahl 2021. Citizens For Europe (CFE) (Hrsg.), Berlin. (transl: Voters with a migration background as an electorally decisive factor. Their potential influence on the 2021 Bundestag Election)

Lagodny, Otto & Julius Lagodny (forthcoming), ”Law as ‘Argumentative Science’ Functional transfer of basics of scientific theory” in Festschrift Prof. Mordechai Kremnitzer, Springer Nature.

Julius Lagodny & Otto Lagodny (2019): Fußnotenkulturen – Beobachtungen aus rechts- und politikwissenschaftlicher Sicht in: Zeitschrift für internationale Strafrechtsdogmatik, Volume 14, Issue 6. (transl: Footnote-cultures: Observations from a law and political science perspective)

Thomas Wencker, Christoph Trinn, Sebastian Cujai, Julius Lagodny & Natascha Pongratz (2014) Reise ins Ungewisse: Migration als Problem transnationaler Sicherheit. Ein Bericht über den Heidelberger Dialog zur internationalen Sicherheit 2013 in: Zeitschrift für Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik, Volume 7. (transl: A journey into the unknown: Migration as a problem of transnational security. A Report on the Heidelberg Dialogue on International Security 2013)