Lectures and Videos

05/05/2021: Online IPW Vienna University Lecture: The Impact of Racist Political Campaigning on Minorities and Migrants.

I presented collaborative work on the effects of racist campaigning on perceptions of immigrants in the US and Canada with Randy Besco, Sergio Garcia-Rios, Nazita Lajevardi, Kassra Oskooii, and Erin Tolley at the IPW lecture of Vienna University.

Summary: In light of increasing overt forms of racism in political campaign this presentation looks at the effects of this campaigning on racialized minority groups themselves. The presentation is based on a research project that investigates the effects of racist political campaigning on the political behavior of ethno-cultural minorities in the US and Canada. It shines light on how and when racist rhetoric in political campaign ads affect respondents’ vote intentions, vote enthusiasm, and political interest. The project relies on survey experiments with American Latinx in the US and South-Asians in Canada, as well as control experiments with white natives. The project results highlight the resilience of minoritized groups and suggest they respond to political attacks by increased political mobilization, actively responding to racist attacks rather than choosing a strategy of avoidance.